Packing …

DSCF0231 DSCF0232

Had a bit of time this weekend sorting, packing, boxing up – a challenge to come face to face with our stuff, with the amount we carry around with us and hoard. Recycling a LOT and then there’s a huge box – actually two of them – of loads and loads of bits, broken toys, electric stuff that doesn’t work, just a whole load of stuff that I don’t know what to do with. Regretfully there was a time in my life when it would have been destined for landfill, and for a fleeting moment I thought about how nice it would feel to just be free of all of this clutter. But I stand outside in amongst the beauty of our little wild space, and I know that’s not what I want to do with it.

DSCF0222 DSCF0224

And it’s wonderful to find beautiful gems in amongst the sorting, taking the time to read a few sweet notes from those I hold very dear, remember a magical moment once shared, giggle at photos, gaze at a painting. The blessing of beauty, which we will carry with us, not ready to let go of these yet! ….

DSCF0235 DSCF0239


And then my Beloved arrives home with our three little beans bouncing with delight from a party with beautiful friends they’ve been to all afternoon …

DSCF0260 DSCF0246 DSCF0241


… and he spends the evening sorting through one of those two huge boxes, patiently going through all the titbits and sorting them into all the recyclables – which thankfully most of it is, and that which is not we may carry on with us to put into something creative ?! …

And so, much still to do, but a little less extra clutter to carry with us. And lessons to learn about what we bring in, what we keep, how we treat what we have. Two weeks until moving day. We trust the Way will unfold before us so we may tread as lightly as possible as we weave our way into our new home …

V x


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