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The Barefoot Diaries Editions 1 – 4 : Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring
Barefoot Bundle – all four editions including postage £20
Available now from our website: The Barefoot Diaries

Peter Owen Jones / Brigit Strawbridge / Jackie Morris / Tim ‘Mac’ Macartney / Jeremy Gilley / Sean Rowley / Catrina Davies / Polly Higgins / Luke Concannon

wild food / vision quest / reimagining harvest / pilgrimage / permaculture / tree climbing / Embercombe / surfing / peace / migration / mindfulness

barefootsBarefoot BeltaneWinterAntonyBarefoot home

So yes, we are rather late with getting the summer edition out this year. Again. And it’s not great we know. We need to grow this beautiful project of ours, we need to grow a team, we need to grow the income from it, we need it to work. The summer edition will soon be with us though. And it is totally wonderful, top notch, amazing amazing amazing. Beautiful, inspiring, gentle, challenging, full of wisdom and nuggets of connection and truth. But it’s not here yet! So in the meantime, feast yourselves on our first four editions, which we offer at the reduced price of £20 for all four (reduced as we’re not charging for postage). They are AWESOME! If you already have them, buy them for a friend! Subscribe! Buy a gift subscription! (mail us about that option). Help us to grow this thing, we need y’all!

Visit our website: to buy your bundles now

Thanks all.

Plug over.


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