The joy of community

kg festival

We have been in the very privileged position to be part of the Steiner school community here in Kings Langley these last few years – nearly ten years in fact. Today was the very special summer festival in the kindergarten, and once more I experienced how amazing it is to be a part of such a vibrant connected community. What a huge blessing. At 9.30am this morning a heap of parents gathered in the kindergarten garden to decorate the garden ready for the festival; the buzz of laughter and conversation was all around, and within half an hour the garden was adorned with streamers, bunting and various activities for the children to enjoy (egg and spoon, apple bobbing, digging for treasure, bubbles, sand streamer bags ..). We then all stood together as parents forming an archway at the gate to the garden, and sang Lavenders Blue as the four kindergarten classes all processed underneath the arch – followed by us parents – and the festivities began.

It feels so enriching to experience the joy of community. I am so grateful for the years we have had here, for what we have all received here and been able to give, for the deep friendships that have been born here and grown – and for the way we can meet new friends here all the time and form instant bonds. For the way the teachers hold us, whisper their wisdom and gently encourage and nurture our young ones. For the tree climbing, the digging, the stories, the singing, the feasting, the blessings, the music, the festivals, the creativity.

For the blessing of this beautiful community I find myself a part of, I give thanks.


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