Our little girl has just turned 10, our beautiful girl of kind heart and gentle strength. We celebrated with a day together just her, Stu and I; how special to be reminded of what a precious spirit of wonder, connection and love we have here with us. It is rare for us to have time just us three, and so lovely to have a day when we’re even tempered, laugh a lot and able to sit in a pub together playing board games!! So precious.

I’ve been reflecting over these last days on what our dear Rowan has brought us. That is of course ever evolving, far reaching and impossible to pin down – but something that struck me is a gentle call she is continually making to become quieter, slower, deeper, truer. To have time to retreat, to find a way to live in balance. There’s a sure sense that we’ve been way off balance, for a long time. And I am coming to recognise that our precious bright ones can’t help but impart a deep wisdom, if only we’ll listen – on how we need to be living. All of them bring a different offering; and for Rowan I see her quiet call to be stiller, and how much we suffer when we don’t have this.

So as we mark the close of the first decade on our parenting journey, celebrating our daughter Rowan, her wild spirit and tender heart, we sit with the plea to come more into balance with ourselves, each other, the wild Earth – and we trust that all that is unfolding before us is a part of that return to a truer, gentler way of being, and we trust the holding of the Great One and all whom surround us in love and wisdom, that the path will continue to become clearer, deeper, quieter, gentler.

In gratitude to beautiful Rowan for coming to us and sharing your light with us, and all whom you meet.


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