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September began for us in a field near Kettering, at the close of another beautiful Greenbelt festival weekend. Despite moments where I wished that either it would stop raining or that I could go home … we really had a connecting, inspiring, happy time. Great to meet up with special friends old and new; brilliant to experience together some great music, theatre and poetry; beautiful to share in the all-welcome-communion – not something I usually enjoy but this time, with its Franciscan emphasis and magically orchestrated singing it was really very special. Some things to take home – the wonder of community, of being held, of sharing laughter, tears, cake; continuing to trust as we follow our hearts, seeking Wisdom each and every day; rest rest and more rest.

So then to unpacking from a wet and muddy camping weekend – this has taken all week. And all that washing. Really want a dryer, not the best environmentally, not a necessity, continue without one. And so our kitchen is a constant Chinese laundry.

But now the sun seems to have come out. And we begin one of those things  I love about September – foraging.

Stu sept15puffballs

Elderberries, blackberries and puffballs this time, with much more to follow. Stu’s on the case with the elderberry wine, and this weekend cooked me a couple of puffball feasts – joyous!


And I managed some time – alone (although this pic obviously isn’t!!) – in the hammock. For a brief moment I was able to take a breath from all the busyness that seems to occupy my every day life. And I gave thanks for all we have; this little patch of land we now call home, with its trees, wildness, apples and wood-stove. For the opportunity we sense that is unfolding here for rest and stillness. Which we so need.

A busier time is once more on the horizon, as we become immersed again in the school community, hosting the craft group and holding more living room gigs. It’s been a summer of transition, pondering, holding many decisions before our hearts, and trusting that as we continue on we will follow the wind and live in our truth.


I love that feeling of coming down into the Earth once more that comes with September; the stillness brought by the late summer sun; the bountiful hedgerow harvest and all the opportunities for feasting. And noticing this year particularly the blessing of being community as we gather together once more, old friends and new, coming back from holiday times and finding comfort, connection and rhythm in the day to day life September brings.

And so, I give thanks


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