My li’l man


So it’s been quite a week. I’m sensing an awakening, going through some kinda transition / transformation. It’s great, sometimes challenging, but feeling amazing. And I’ve had a beautiful week with my dear little Finlay Silas Henry. Walking, chatting, pausing, listening, sleeping, growing.


This week we’ve collected conkers, walked a LOT, ridden a bike and a scooter, played with dear friends, had a visit to A&E after a rocky tumble, collected apples, sat on a bench for a LONG time watching traffic, a crane, the breeze through the trees – oh, and ridden a JCB. So then we together rewrote The JCB Song.

Have had some profound moments with my li’l man. One day as we walked he said, very excitedly – “Mummy, I have a head! And arms! And feet! ..” – he said it slow, he said it all through his body once, then he said it again showing me each part. Wow, I squatted down beside him, and just watched as he talked it all through. It was like he was arriving, noticing his body for the first time.

And there were other times too – he said “Is that a real woman? And is she with a real man?” – now I guess you could say things like this are just young children rambling, but this week I just felt like there’s something deeply connecting about his words, like he’s arriving, noticing. Awakening.

And when Daddy cut up a log for firewood with a chainsaw, hours later he was talking of cutting up limbs of people. Now of course this could be a bit sinister but on reflection with Stu, we realise he has witnessed the limbs of a tree being cut up. His middle name Silas means ‘of the forest’. He has this dear connection with the trees, and with all things. And it’s so profound to sit with him, and notice what he’s noticing.

I’m so blessed to have these times with him. It’s like we’re both going through an awakening.

And so may we journey on. Blessed I am, and sending blessings out to y’all.



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