This morning I stole myself away for a few moments to lie in the hammock beneath the boughs of the tall trees at the top of our garden. I lay, and listened to the birds, to the breeze, to my breathing, deep and strong. And then I noticed the leaves. They have begun to fall. These great majestic trees are letting them go, and these beautiful yellow leaves dance their way to the ground, where they nourish the soil and feed the trees who let them go.


I wonder at this fall that happens every autumn, the life cycle of the leaf, the transformational rainbow of colour as leaves prepare to fall, and their dance away back to the Earth. And the tree which loses so much in order to stand strong and deep in the nurture of the winter months, dreaming, regaining strength, roots sinking deeper and deeper.

And I wonder what leaves I am preparing to let go this autumn. Which leaves are slowly changing colour within me in preparation of falling away, to leave me bare but ready and unhindered to face the inner work of winter.

I notice there are things just this last week that have shifted deep within me. There has been a letting go, and I have already experienced some of the beauty as the dance of the letting go has taken place before me.

Perhaps some of the shedding will not be as beautiful. But I know there’s more to come, and I welcome this time, in anticipation of what’s to come after.

May the dance of autumn fall kindly, bringing healing and release, in gentle preparation for the nurture and power of winter


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