An amazing evening shared with beautiful friends

Luke&Jimmy3 Luke&Jimmy4

So on Friday evening we had the privilege of hosting a gathering attended by fifty of our friends, where these two beautiful souls played their music and shared their hearts, live in our front room. Luke Concannon and Jimmy Davis, two musicians passionate about societal change, equality, Mother Earth; two men committed to their own personal journeys of deepening connection, finding ways to bring peace and love into the world; two men who feel their music so deep it still resonates within and around us days, likely weeks, later.

And for me, at a time of my own inner transitioning into a new way of being me, this was such an amazing night – I danced, I laughed, I relaxed, I drank some wine (!! – those who know me know this is a rarity indeed) and I felt so so happy to be here, to be able to bring these guys to our community, to gather with our friends and find strength and connection together, to be inspired together, to laugh and sing and be moved together.

Stu and I find ourselves exploring how to take these beautiful moments forward into the unfolding new phase of our lives together. We loved hosting the gig, we loved providing space for Luke and Jimmy to rest within for the day and night they spent with us – and we are blessed to know these beautiful souls, and to know there’s more of this to come!


Follow us on and come along to a gathering; they’re a special thing indeed.


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