Circles of Support

IMG_20141211_153835The wind has whispered to us for a long time, of the need to create a Circle of Guardians around us, to hold us, hear us, support us; we need this as a family, we need this as individuals – and more recently we have seen that we need this for Barefoot.

So in January we took the step of reaching out to a small group of friends, to ask for their help. We did this for ourselves as a couple, and we did this for Barefoot. And we gathered together as a small group, and shared our heart.


We really believe in Barefoot. It’s why we’ve kept producing the journal these last years. It has put us in touch with some amazing people, we are part of a beautiful growing community of like-minded souls, who desire to deepen connection to Earth, ourselves, each other. There’s so much to explore within this! And so much inspiration to share, so many people doing such beautiful work, creating, living, listening, learning, hearing, slowing, deepening.

So far, though, we have not had the resources (time/energy/funds/personnel) to really make the Diaires self-sustaining. We have given of ourselves, completely. We have worked into the late hours, often. We have fitted it all in alongside earning a living, nurturing our three children, providing nourishing food, doing the school run, hosting gigs, being active members of our community.

And it’s not working. We just can’t do it any more. We have no reserves left. And we have vision for Barefoot, for each edition to become richer and more diverse in content, to begin a series of courses run locally  led by some well-known and lesser-known Barefoot contributors, to build and serve the growing Barefoot community in a deeper way. We feel like our hearts are completely in it, and bursting forth with inspiration and ideas to take it forward.

But we haven’t the means to do it.

And so, with the help and support of our small group of Barefoot Guardians, we have put together a bid for funding, to give us the means to be able to continue, to employ another member of the team, to update our very-old-and-hardly-working equipment and to pay us for our time. We are asking for people to believe in us, and to support the vision of Barefoot: to cultivate peace and a sustainable human presence on the Earth.

We are seeking individual and corporate sponsors to give between £2500 and £10,000 to make up a total of £50,000. We are offering in return large packs of each edition of the Diaries for one year, sponsor promotion in the Diaries and online, a unique event for sponsors and access to the Barefoot community, courses and other gatherings that we organise over the coming year.

Here it is : Barefoot Funding Proposal

We have started work on the Spring edition. If the funds don’t come in, we’ll listen to the whispers on the wind, but it will most likely be our last edition. For the time being.

If you’re reading this and feel connected to what we’re dreaming of, and what we’re doing, please consider if you know of any individual or company who may be interested in supporting Barefoot, and has the means to do so – and please share the above link.

So appreciate your help.

Earlier in the week I stepped into the garden and felt warmth on my face – the return of the sun. Loving the unfolding of the flowers, the being able to venture outdoors without five layers on. As spring approaches, I feel ready to embrace all she brings with her.

In love and gratitude,

Verity x





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