Gathering Together


One thing that has struck me since the UK voted last week is the way in which people are coming together, sometimes to engage in deep political discussion, other times to honour and celebrate each other, as different as we all are. A friend opened her home and gathered neighbours for a spontaneous street party, desiring to welcome, embrace, connect. I am not one who enjoys much in the way of political dialogue, which is possibly why Stu ends up posting his thoughts on Facebook in the absence of a wife who will discuss these things; however one thing that has felt really important to me deep within and which I do say to people when they begin a conversation on the events of the last week, is that we have a choice every day, every moment, to be people of peace, to honour and celebrate difference, to find common ground. We all need connection, not separation, so anything we can do which brings people together with positive intention is a beautiful and much needed thing.

This weekend I was priveleged to be a part of three such gatherings. The first, a school fix-it day in the kindergarten garden. What a joy to see the children of all ages playing while parents erected a shelter, gardened and (in my case) made food.

We were blessed with beautiful sunny weather which helped! Always feel so honoured to feel a part of these school events – everyone giving something, and receiving something back. Conversation, working together, sharing food, play, laughter – all focused together on serving the community. Wonderful.

And then onto Rowan’s class social, on a farm where one of her classmates lives. True childhood adventure – the large group of children aged between 4 and 12 (mainly age 10) roamed wild, we didn’t see them for hours -they came back covered in mud and totally elated; they climbed haystacks, rode on the roof of an old fire engine, toasted marshmallows and were truly free. It was wonderful.


And then a gathering of another kind as we celebrated Finlay’s fourth birthday amongst friends and family. A relaxed and delightful afternoon with happy children, time for conversation, sharing food and friendship. And an invitation to begin meeting together more regularly with a group of others to feast – always makes sense to us!

So, feeling really good, this Monday morning, and really grateful for the blessing of this community. Wondering how to expand this experience of community to those we live amongst who may be quite different from us but whom we can find so much commonality if we open ourselves to meeting them. That is my challenge right now in these days.

May we open ourselves to the wisdom, light and connection that is within all others, that we may meet each other in peace, and find our common ground.


One thought on “Gathering Together

  1. Beautiful Verity. Thank you for sharing Coming together, in whatever form that takes, in peace with open hearts and minds is what will sustain us through these times. Much love to you all xx


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