Birthdays, holidays and a wedding …


Special, if somewhat full, summer. Celebrations, gatherings, holidays by the ocean. Things are changing here, I am about to become *employed* for the first time in .. a long time .. and life will take on a new rhythm. This summer has been about creating beautiful experiences with our l’il family. And also managing the absolute chaos of sorting and rearranging our home – almost like moving house all over again – in readiness for what is coming next. The mixture of being present and open (when out and in wild and different places) and being overwhelmingly busy, juggling too much (at home).

Wondering how the coming weeks will unfold for us. Trusting each day all we need will be given, and asking for guidance to know which things to focus on – and which things to let go of. Aware that the wise apple trees let go some of their fruit in order to focus on ripening those that remain. And their energy isn’t on those that have fallen, but on those that are still growing, maturing, ripening. Becoming more deeply aware of which fruits/relationships/opportunities are ripening around me, within me – and aware of the need to focus on them, to let other things gently fall away, with little effort or attention, as those things which remain, the most important fruit of all, fill my heart.

Still, there are tasks to fulfil, too many and some of them deeply challenging – its not all blissful, this heart-full path. But there’s joy and real full life here being lived, and for that I am hugely grateful.


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