Gathering Together

One thing that has struck me since the UK voted last week is the way in which people are coming together, sometimes to engage in deep political discussion, other times to honour and celebrate each other, as different as we all are. A friend opened her home and gathered neighbours for a spontaneous street party, desiring … More Gathering Together


    Perhaps for one of the first times in my life I feel like I properly marked the solstice. For years we’ve done something, a little recognition of the longest day, the shortest night, the turning of the year towards the coming darker days. This year felt incredibly special. A truly nourishing conversation with … More Midsummer


Just reflecting on how very busy I am. Years ago, I felt my focus to be almost entirely on my being mama. I desired to conciously spend my time and energy creating and holding a space in which our children could find warmth, nourishment and the space to be free to be who they are. … More Busy

where I am

I’ll start from where I am. Yesterday Finlay, our youngest child, started kindergarten. Only in the mornings, four times a week, but suddenly I have some day time to myself, for the first time in … a long while. And I need it. My head is full of tumbling thoughts, there’s so much I could do … More where I am


OK so I always knew November would be busy. Back in early Autumn when I was emerging out of my cave, I felt so energised and excitable I said YES to everything coming my way. Quite literally. I felt this renewed sense of passion and energy for organising beautiful things. So, this is what November … More November

Changing times

These three. So, I’m in the midst of a changing time, deep within myself. There have been moments of great insight, of divine peace, of deep connection, of absolute presence. And I have felt blissful in these times. And now I find myself moving into a time rather different from that. I am still connected, … More Changing times

An amazing evening shared with beautiful friends

So on Friday evening we had the privilege of hosting a gathering attended by fifty of our friends, where these two beautiful souls played their music and shared their hearts, live in our front room. Luke Concannon and Jimmy Davis, two musicians passionate about societal change, equality, Mother Earth; two men committed to their own … More An amazing evening shared with beautiful friends