This morning I stole myself away for a few moments to lie in the hammock beneath the boughs of the tall trees at the top of our garden. I lay, and listened to the birds, to the breeze, to my breathing, deep and strong. And then I noticed the leaves. They have begun to fall. … More Fall

My li’l man

So it’s been quite a week. I’m sensing an awakening, going through some kinda transition / transformation. It’s great, sometimes challenging, but feeling amazing. And I’ve had a beautiful week with my dear little Finlay Silas Henry. Walking, chatting, pausing, listening, sleeping, growing. This week we’ve collected conkers, walked a LOT, ridden a bike and … More My li’l man

Sensing presence

This is a special time, right now. I am blessed with time, time enough to walk with my little ones, every day. Sensing a transition in my life, a moving towards something new, a new way of being perhaps – sometimes I feel like I’m shedding skin and finding whats underneath to be ready to … More Sensing presence


September began for us in a field near Kettering, at the close of another beautiful Greenbelt festival weekend. Despite moments where I wished that either it would stop raining or that I could go home … we really had a connecting, inspiring, happy time. Great to meet up with special friends old and new; brilliant … More September


Our little girl has just turned 10, our beautiful girl of kind heart and gentle strength. We celebrated with a day together just her, Stu and I; how special to be reminded of what a precious spirit of wonder, connection and love we have here with us. It is rare for us to have time just … More Rowan

Our beautiful butterfly boy turns six

Isaac James, our fluttering adventuring bright soul, turned six at the weekend. Amongst our own (gradually decreasing) boxes, helping two other friends move home, and a family party to celebrate Mum’s 70th birthday, we catapulted into his special day with barely a smooth whisker between us. But we made it, we cycled, paddled, steered the new remote … More Our beautiful butterfly boy turns six


Sense of arriving, after a long time. A long time coming. Beautiful wild nature. Birds galore, trees all around, woodland over the road, fields out back. A kitchen open to the majestic view of our wild space outside. Settling into the blessing of our new home. A quietness, a retreat, a coming home. Knowing we … More Arriving

Barefoot Bundles

    The Barefoot Diaries Editions 1 – 4 : Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring Barefoot Bundle – all four editions including postage £20 Available now from our website: The Barefoot Diaries Peter Owen Jones / Brigit Strawbridge / Jackie Morris / Tim ‘Mac’ Macartney / Jeremy Gilley / Sean Rowley / Catrina Davies / Polly Higgins / Luke … More Barefoot Bundles