Two years ago we launched The Barefoot Diaries, a seasonal journal exploring our relationship with ourselves, Earth and community. The journal was birthed from a desire to make connection with others seeking to explore living with a deeper connection to nature, to our inner being, to those we dwell amongst and those who we never see. We have so far produced four Diaries, soon to be five, with themes covered including foraging, harvest, pilgrimage, mindfulness, vision quest, migration, stillness, barefooting, permaculture, beekeeping and peace. We’ve had the privilege of printing the writing, art work, poetry and photography of over seventy people, including Peter Owen Jones, Tim ‘Mac’ Macartney, Jackie Morris, Phil Chandler, Polly Higgins, Luke Concannon and Brigit Strawbridge. There is an ever increasing community of people becoming known to us who live wisely, humbly, openly; who share many similar aspirations and are developing inspiring and exciting ways to live in connection with the Earth.

This blog is the next phase in our journey of growing that community.

It also relays our journey as a family, as we continue to walk the path of the barefoot soul – seeking ways to stay connected, deeply rooted, in rhythm, reverence and relationship. Our path is an unknown one and it feels we have no map to follow; this finds us sometimes struggling, blindly, anxiously; sometimes walking bravely, boldly, full of clarity.

We love to have that sense of being a part of the community of barefoot souls – so please get in touch with us, make a comment, send us your thoughts, ideas and yearnings; together lets walk in peace, reverence and relationship.

Docton Mill 2015 Verity and Stu

Verity and Stu x
(mostly Verity blogging here!)

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